Top 5 Best Cooking Range In India [2022] – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

We all like modern kitchens. In our kitchen, the refrigerator has replaced the pot, and the oven has replaced the gas.

But still, we need those old but natural things. For example, when we go to our village, only water from the pot quenches our thirst. Or when there is no current, then we have to heat itself.

Realizing the need for your modern kitchen, we have brought ‘Best Cooking Range in India’ (2022).

Many people will definitely have an OTG oven or microwave oven, in which you can easily do baking or grilling. But what if the power supply goes away and then all you need is a sweet cake or spicy chicken.

Thus, I have come up with the best cooking range with gas oven in India (2022).

Best Cooking Range In India:

So, without wasting time let’s review the best gas stove with an oven in India 2022. Also, read our best cooking range buying guide.

1. Carysil Freestanding Cooking Gas Range FSCR- 01:

Carysil gas stove with oven is one of the best cooking ranges in India. It has some additional features that other brands do not give. You can easily integrate this cooking gas with the oven in your kitchen.

Carysil stainless steel cooking range

Outstanding Features:

  • 62 litre oven capacity
  • Digital timer with LED display
  • Rotisserie and grilling
  • SABAFF burners
  • 4 Powerful burners
  • 1 year warranty

Product Details:

  • Dimension: 60 x 63 x 86 cm
  • Weight: 38.6 kg

The Carysil cooking range FSCR 01 comes with a digital timer. It is one of the features that no other gives with cooking ranges. The LED display will help you while cooking, as it is easy to read.

With the help of the timer function, you can set time according to your need. Also, it helps to save energy.

You can cook delicious food for your guest as the Carysil comes with SABAFF burners. These burners distribute flame evenly to cook your food well.

You can keep your pans oven the strong supports. They are strong enough to carry your food.

The Carysil cooking stove with an oven comes with a double glass oven. With the help of this oven, you can quickly cook cakes and cookies. The capacity of 62 litres gives you the freedom to cook for your entire family.

The convection oven has a deep tray, grid, and rotisserie. Now, rotisserie chicken in an oven is possible.

The provision of grilling rack and tray makes the possibility of more dishes in day to day life.

With this fantastic feature, I can surely tell you that your food will be tastier than ever.

The gas stove with oven and grill has powerful four burners: one triple ring, one big, one medium, and one small burner. Now you can cook according to your need.

It is the best cooking range in India.

  • Stainless steel body, no worry about rusting
  • No need of lighter any more
  • Glass cover for protection over burner
  • Rotisserie and grilling is possible
  • Have to contact local technician to fix problems

2. Carysil Freestanding Cooking Gas Range FSCR- 04:

Carysil free-standing cooking gas range is perfect for any kitchen. The advantage of this cooking gas range is that you can fit it wherever you want.

Carysil 4 burners stainless steel cooking range

Outstanding Features:

  • 62liter oven capable for a large family
  • Four burners
  • Autoignition feature
  • Mechanical timer
  • SABAFF burner for uniform distribution of flame

Product Details:

  • Dimension: 109 x 73 x 69 cm
  • Weight: 58.3kg

Carysil cooking range comes with an integrated oven. You can make good dishes from it as well as you can also make cakes and cookies. It will help you to save time.

The oven has a double glass door. Also, a tray, lamp, fan, and the thermostat keeps checking the temperature while baking.

The cooking range with an electric oven comes with a deep tray, grid, and rotisserie. So, you can enjoy a variety of dishes. 

The knob given in it is very stylish and classy with a silver colour. In addition, it will make your kitchen beautiful.

The Auto Ignition cooking range gives you the facility to start the flame without a lighter. You have to rotate the knob. With Spark Technology, you will get a smooth and a similar flame.

Carysil cooking range with gas has a SABAFF burner, which allows uniform distribution of flame. It also ensures even cooking.

The 4-pool type burner comes with it having small, middle-sized, big, and wok brass burner. The wok brass burner is especially for Indian dishes, which requires a large and powerful gas burner.

The free-standing gas stove comes with a Wok adapter and matt enamel for pan support.

The four burners allow you to cook several dishes at a time. You can place large as well as small utensils over it.

Strong cast iron supports are provided so that you can put heavy pots over it. It gives you well stability while cooking.

  • Can be fit in any kitchen
  • Uniform flume
  • 4 burners
  • No need for lighter
  • Rotisserie and grilling is possible
  • The oven works on electricity.

3. Sigma Classic Gas Stove with Oven Burner:

When we talk about the ‘gas cooking range’ Sigma classic gas stove will be listed.

The design of the Sigma freestanding gas range is super cool. The silver colour will give a precious look to your kitchen.

Sigma gas stove with oven 4 burners

Outstanding Features:

  • 4 brass burners
  • Possible to grill chicken
  • Food warmer
  • Thermic isolation
  • No electricity required
  • 1 year warranty

Product Details:

  • Dimension: 51 x 58 x 80 cm
  • Weight: 27 kg

The high-quality stainless-steel material is provided at the top. You don’t have to worry about rust. Along with this, the glass cover is given.

The best part of this gas cum oven is you can cook without electricity. So, don’t worry about the power cut off.   

It has 4 burners with an attached grill and oven, which can be operated by LPG gas.

If you have a tight budget, then Sigma gas stove with oven is the best choice.

Sigma Classic 4 Burner with Oven
  • Cool design
  • Affordable
  • Easy to control through knobs
  • The oven works without electricity.
  • Non-returnable
  • No auto ignition feature

4. Kaff Cooking Range With Gas Oven:

Have some more money to spend on the brand?

Then you can look out over Kaff gas stove cum oven. The Kaff cooking range will you the best after-sales service. That’s why it is the best cooking range in India.

Outstanding Features:

  • 59 litres oven capacity
  • 4 different types of burners
  • Auto ignition
  • Up to 250-degree thermostat

Product Details:

  • Dimension: 68 x 66 x 94 cm
  • Weight: 47.1 kg

The Kaff is the best cooking range brand in India.

The oven requires LPG gas to cook, which is a plus point if you want a nonelectric appliance. Even if there is a short power supply, you can use the oven for grilling and rotisserie.

The Kaff cooking gas stove comes with a steel hob having four burners and one triple flame burner.

The autoignition feature gives you a smooth experience while cooking.

The oven has a double glass for extra safety.

Service centres are all over India. So, don’t worry about that.

That’s why I recommend this. You will love the service by Kaff like never before.

Kaff Cooking Range
  • Chicken rotisserie and grilling paneer is easy
  • Finish is cool
  • Timer helps you while cooking
  • Best oven for grilling and rotisserie chicken
  • Available in only one color

5. Jindal Four Burners Cooking Range:

Jindal cooking range comes with four burners and an oven. An aluminum grill provides durability.

Jindal Four Burners Cooking Range

Outstanding Features:

  • 130 litre oven capacity
  • Four burners at the top
  • Glass at top
  • 130 litres capacity

Product Details:

  • Dimension: 54 x 54 x 74 cm
  • Weight: 70kg

Jindal cooking range comes with an ergonomic design. It uses gas to fuel more efficiently with the help of four burners.

A strong glass is provided at the top to protect burners. Also, a heat-resistant glass door is provided to the oven.

It has two chambers for grilling. 

You can control the gas oven with a knob.

  • Chicken rotisserie and grilling paneer is easy
  • Finish is cool
  • Timer helps you while cooking
  • Best oven for grilling and rotisserie chicken
  • No digital timer

Gas Range Buying Guide

If you have a cooking range, it becomes the main attraction of the kitchen. Taking gas or electric range depends on your convenience and resources.

For dyeing gas cooking, you need an adequate power supply for LPG connection and electric cooking range.

best cooking range in india
Gas Range Buying Guide

Things to keep in mind when purchasing a new cooking range in India:


The freestanding range is available in the market and sells more. It is also very convenient to install. If we talk about the slide-in range, then it fits in the middle of two cabinets as soon as it slides.

However, the control panel of today’s freestanding range is still ahead, which is quite good.


Most gas ranges comes with a width close to 60 centimetres. You have to see if it will fit in the kitchen. You can also take the help of a mason.


The larger the capacity of the oven, the easier it will be for cooking. All the brands of cooking ranges in India have an oven of 40 litres capacity. This capacity is enough for the Indian family.

Features you should pay attention to:

Here are some features that will save you time and increases your productivity. But the more features, the more the price.

Control Panel:

If cooking range is with LED display, then you must buy it. This panel will allow you to control the oven easily.


You can reduce the cooking tie due to the convention, which will cut the energy significantly. That is why it would be smart to go with the Convection feature.

Grilling and rotisserie:

If you are a chicken lover, then it is important to have this feature in your oven.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the cooking range used for?

The cooking range is a kitchen appliance that comes with gas burners at the top and an oven at the bottom.
You can use the cooking range for frying and baking.
The burners work on LPG gas, while the oven works on either electricity or LPG gas.
You can do baking, roasting, grilling, frying and rotisserie in an oven.

2. What is the difference between a range and a stove?

A cooking range is a kitchen appliance that comes with a gas stove and an oven. Simultaneously, a stove is a kitchen appliance that comes with the only burner that requires LPG gas to operate.

3. Can you use a gas stove and oven at the same time?

Yes, you can use both gas and oven at the same time. You can use ‘User Manual’ for more info.

4. Is a gas oven-safe?

Yes, a gas stove with an oven is safe to use. There is gas in every house in India. An oven with a stove is the same as that.
You can use it without fear.

5. How to service a freestanding gas stove with an oven in India?

The gas stove with an oven is similar to your traditional gas stove. You can service it through your local mechanic.
There is no rocket science behind it. A local mechanic can solve any issue regarding the cooking range with an oven.
So, don’t worry if the service requires in the future.

6. Can a gas oven fit in my kitchen?

All the freestanding gas stoves cum ovens can easily fit into any kitchen. Call your local mason to cut the kitchen countertop in the required dimensions.
We have also mentioned the dimension of all products. So you can go through them too.

7. Why should I bring this gas stove less oven instead of an electric oven?

Gas stove cum ovens are much better than traditional electric ovens. The gas oven works faster than a traditional electric oven. Also, you can control the inside temperature.

8. How long the gas stove cum oven will work?

Gas stoves cum ovens are designed for 8-10 years. Also, this kitchen appliance requires service at regular intervals to work smoothly.

9. Which is the best cooking range in India?

When it comes to cooking ranges in India, then Kaff is the best and popular gas stove with an oven. Its after-sales service is one of the in India.
You can read Kaff cooking range review on our site.

10. What is the best range to buy?

Carysil Free Standing Cooking Range (FSCR 04) is the best if you want an oven that works on power.
If not, then you can go with Kaff, Sigma, or Carysil (FSCR 01).
All of the above is the best one. But you have to choose according to your need.

11. Which of the above cooking range is the best?

Carysil Freestanding Cooking Gas Range FSCR- 01 is the best cooking range.


Gas stove with oven is very popular in the western region. In Europe and America, every kitchen has a cooking range.

It is a new concept in India, but not unknown. In some cities cooking ranges has made their own space in the kitchen.

If you want a branded gas stove with a gas oven, then go with Kaff. You will get amazing after-sales service by Kaff after paying some extra.

Your budget is not that much; then I recommend you Sigma classic.

For quality products and best features, the Carysil brand is the best one.