5 Best Refrigerator Under 15000 In India 2021 [In Budget]

If you want to buy the best refrigerator. But your budget is only 15000 rupees, then believe that you can get the best refrigerator.

I bought you the best refrigerator under 15000 in India [2021].

So, let’s see the list of best refrigerators in budget.

Best Refrigerator Under 15000 In India:

1. LG 190 Litres 4 Star Single Door Refrigerator:

LG 190L single door refrigerator

LG is a synonym for trust in India. This is on e of the best LG refrigerator under 15000 rupees. Let’s see which specifications LG refrigerator offers you.

Outstanding Features:

  • 190 litres capacity with single door refrigerator
  • 4 star rating means energy efficient
  • Spill proof toughened glass
  • Moist and fresh feature
  • Solar smart
  • Stabilizer free

Product Details:

  • Dimensions: 64 x 54 x 118 cm
  • Weight: 31.5kg
  • Warranty: 1 year on product, 10 years on compressor

The refrigerator comes with 4 star rating. It means that this LG refrigerator consumes very less electricity.

Smart inverter compressor ensures better performance with noiseless operations.

You can connect your fridge with inverter. So, don’t worry even on power cut.

Specially designed lattice box maintains moisture content inside.

Within 108 minutes, ice cubes will be ready in this model.

The shelves are made with toughened glass which can carry up to 175 kg. load.

Anti-bacterial basket keeps your food healthy and hygienic.

The LG refrigerator works at range of 90 to 310 voltage. Thus, no need of external stabilizer.

Not only on inverter, but the refrigerator can work on solar too.

The direct cool technology cools ingredient without fluctuation.

The 12.6 litres vegetable box, 5 door boxes and ice try comes with the refrigerator.

  • Best of 2 to 3 people
  • Noiseless working
  • 10 years warranty on compressor
  • You have to manually defrost


  • LG 190 litre refrigerator is eco-friendly or not?

    Yes, its eco-friendly (CFC free)

  • The refrigerator requires installation or not to start?

    No. There is no requirement of installation. Keep your refrigerator in stand and start it after 12 hours.

2. Whirlpool 190 Litres 3 Star Single Door Refrigerator:

Whirlpool is also a popular refrigerator brand in India. Let’s see which features Whirlpool fridge under 15000 provide:

Outstanding Features:

  • 190 litres capacity single door refrigerator
  • Insulation capillary
  • Anti-bacterial basket
  • Honey comb lock
  • Quick chill zone
  • Runs on home inverter

Product Details:

  • Dimensions: 120 x 54 x 62 cm
  • Weight: 32.4 kg
  • Warranty: 1 year on product, 10 years on compressor

Whirlpool 190L refrigerator thinks about its customers.

The insulated capillary offers 9 hours cooling retention.

Also, the compressor works efficiently. Thus, if you are facing power cuts, then surely go with this one.

The refrigerator is stabilizer free. So, there is no need to connect with external stabilizer.

You can connect this Whirlpool refrigerator with home inverter during power cut. So, don’t worry even in power cuts.

The vegetable crisper has enough space to store vegetables.

The Whirlpool refrigerator ensures health and hygiene for log. The refrigerator comes with airtight gasket which prevents bacteria formation.

You can store 3 bottles of 2 litre in bottle rack.

  • Spacious refrigerator
  • 9 hours of cooling retention
  • Low electricity Consumption
  • Best for 2 to 3 people
  • Manual defrosts


  • Installation requirement or not?

    No. This refrigerator is plug and play product. But you can call Whirlpool service centre for free installation.

  • Does this refrigerator have lock?

    Yes, it comes with lock system.

3. Samsung 192 Litres 4 Star Single Door Refrigerator:

Samsung 192L Refrigerator Under 15,000 rupees In India

Samsung has excellent refrigerators under 15000 rupees in India. Let’s see the features of Samsun 192 litres refrigerator.

Outstanding Features:

  • 192 litres capacity single door refrigerator
  • 4 star rating means high energy saving
  • Digital inverter compressor
  • Spill proof toughened glass
  • Runs on home inverter and solar

Product Details:

  • Dimensions: 64 x 55 x 130 cm
  • Weight: 36 kg
  • Warranty: 1 year on product, 10 years on compressor

The Samsung refrigerator comes with an attractive door design.

The Samsung 192 litres refrigerator offers digital inverter technology in this price range. It ensures energy efficiency and noiseless operation.

The lamp Is provided inside the refrigerator. Thus, you can find ingredients without switching on your room light.

This refrigerator is stabilizer free. If any power fluctuation occurs, then it will not affect on its performance.

The refrigerator works on home inverter. Thus, there is not need to worry about power cuts.

If you are using energy generated by solar panel, you have the good news. This refrigerator works on solar energy.

The toughened glass shelves are able to hold up to 170kg load. So, you can store enough amount of food in refrigerator.

The ergonomic design of handle allows you to open door easily.

Anti-bacterial gasket prevents formation of bacteria and fungi.

Now you can wipe back of refrigerator easily. The smooth backside cover protects accidental bumps and knocks.

The vegie box inside helps to store vegetables. You can keep vegetables like onion, potatoes in base stand drawer which is at bottom of refrigerator.

  • Best for 2 to 3 people
  • Quick cooling
  • Noiseless work
  • Design
  • Manual defrosts


  • How much units the refrigerator consumes per year?

    Power consumption of this model is 130 units per year.

  • How many ice trays are included?

    The refrigerator comes with 1 ice tray.

4. Whirlpool 200 Litres 3 Star Single Door Refrigerator:

Whirlpool 190L single door refrigerator

The Whirlpool brand with another best model. Let’s see its features:

Outstanding Features:

  • 200 Litres capacity single door refrigerator
  • Laminar air flow
  • Insulated capillary technology
  • Stabilizer free
  • Connects to home inverter
  • Zeolite technology

Product Details:

  • Dimensions: 53 x 62 x 145 cm
  • Weight: 37.8 kg
  • Warranty: 1 year on product, 10 years on compressor

The refrigerator will become a centre of attraction in your kitchen. It comes with beautiful design and breathe arc handle.

The insulated capillary technology boosts compression efficiency and cooling speed. Also, it ensures 9 hours of cooling retention.

This capillary technology also improves ice making process. Now don’t care about ice shortage.

Now don’t worry about power failure. This refrigerator will keep dairy product like milk fresh up to 12 hours.

Also, the refrigerator compatible with home inverter.

The zeolite technology preserves nutrients of fruits and veggies up to 7 days. It means that you can store food up to next market day.

Vegetables crisper with honey comb lock in technology preserves moisture in edibles. So, your ingredients keep fresh for long time.

The air tight gasket protects ingredients from getting fungi and bacteria. This gasket is removable and easy to clean.

There is no need to connect stabilizer. This refrigerator can work smoothly even if voltage fluctuates.

  • Preserves milk for 12 hours without power supply
  • Saves energy
  • Direct cool technology
  • No defrost option


  • Includes drawer or not?

    Yes. It comes with base drawer to store potatoes, and onion.

Whirlpool 190 Litres 4 Star Single Door Refrigerator:

Outstanding Features:

  • 192 litres capacity single door refrigerator
  • Intellisense inverter technology
  • 4 star refrigerator
  • Jumbo storage
  • Insulated capillary technology
  • Auto connect to home inverter
  • Stabilizer free
  • Quick chill zone

Product Details:

  • Dimensions: 54 x 62 x 130 cm
  • Weight: 36.4kg
  • Warranty: 1 year on product, 10 years on compressor

5. Haier 195 Litres 4 Star Single Door Refrigerator:

International brand Haier is in the Indian market with its competitive price.

Let’s see features of refrigerator.

Outstanding Features:

  • 195 litres capacity single refrigerator door
  • 4 star rating
  • Reciprocating compressor
  • Direct cool refrigerator

Product Details:

  • Dimensions: 63 x 53 x 122 cm
  • Weight: 35kg
  • Warranty: 1 year on product, 10 years on compressor

The design of refrigerator looks smooth, smooth and premium.

Within 1 hour ice cubes are ready with this Haier refrigerator.

The large veggie box is provided to store vegetables.

Although the refrigerator ensures frost free, but you can defrost ice with one button.

The refrigerator has 4 star rating. So, don’t worry about electricity bill.

PUF insulation keeps your refrigerator in low temperature.

Even if you are facing fluctuation in power, your refrigerator is safe. It can perform well as low as 135 voltage.

The toughened glass shelves are enough to hold the heavy pots.

The refrigerator has reciprocating compressor.

  • Look, design excellent
  • Best for small family
  • Electricity efficient
  • Zero noise and vibration
  • Compartments are not adjustable


  • Do Haier refrigerator has lock key?

    Yes. The refrigerator comes with lock and key.

  • Is it frost free?

    Yes, this model is frost free.


Here, we discussed about ‘Best refrigerator under 15000 in India [2021].’

So, buy wisely, think twice about your need and purpose.

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