5 Top Best Washing machine Under 15000 In India [2022]

Today I will tell you the best washing machine under 15000 in India [2022].

We will discuss the best fully automatic, semi-automatic top load washing machines below 15000 in India.

But before starting, let’s see the benefits and drawbacks of buying a washing machine under 15k in India.


  • Economical:

If your budget is tight, then the 15,000 price range is good to start. Now, even automatic washing machines are available.

  • Features:

Almost all features are available like fully, semi-automatic, etc.

  • Space Saving:

The automatic feature comes with under 15000 washing machines. So, we need to worry about space availability.

  • Variety:

The washing machine comes with a wide variety of semi and automatic features. Almost all top brands are manufacturing washing machines under 15k.


  • No top loading feature:

Unfortunately, no brand manufactures top-loading washing machines under this price range. If available in the market, we will update it soon.

Are You In A Hurry? Then Check Out Our Top Picks:

Samsung 7kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (WA70A4002GS/TL):


  • 6 wash programs
  • Energy Saving, Magic Filter, Air Turbo, Child Lock

LG 6.5kg 5 Star Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (T65SKSF4Z):


  • Smart washing machine
  • Fuzzy logic, turbo drum, Memory backup

Panasonic 7Kg 5 Star Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (NA-F70LF1HRB):


  • 8 wash programs
  • Fuzzy technology, Water magic flow

Best Washing Machine Under 15000:

1. Samsung 7kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (WA70A4002GS/TL):

Samsung 7kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (WA70A4002GS/TL) Review

Samsung fully automatic top loading (WA70A4002GS/TL) comes with a 7 kg capacity. Here are key features:

Key Features:

  • Fully automatic top loading washing machine
  • 7kg washing capacity
  • 680RPM with 6 no of cycles
  • Diamond drum (stainless steel)
  • Auto-restart
  • Quick and delicate wash mode
  • Air turbo
  • Magic filter
  • Child lock
  • Tempered glass window

Product Details:

  • Dimensions: 57 x 54 x 92 cm
  • Weight: 30.5kgs
  • Warranty: 2 years on product, 2 years on motor
  • Colour: Imperial silver

Best For:

  • Families with 3 to 4 members
  • Families with small kids as the washing machine have a child lock safety feature.

The Samsung washing machine comes with 6 cycles like delicates, quick wash, eco tub clean, blanket, normal, quick wash and soak plus normal.

The diamond drum has a ‘soft curl’ design which ensures gentle cleaning without damaging your clothes.

The magic filter helps to trap dirt. It is placed very low in the diamond drum to remove dirt from water. So, your clothes stay cleaner. When the filter gets filled with dirt, an indicator light will alert you for cleaning.

The child lock feature provides safety. It only works when the washing machine is on. So, don’t worry, even if your kid is near the washing machine.

The centre jet technology improves washing effectiveness by lifting. Also, it prevents the tangling of clothes.

The monsoon drying system dries your clothes fast. The drum spins at speed to remove water from clothes.

When the power cuts, it will auto-restart the washing machine in the same position turned it off. So, don’t worry about power failure.

  • Noiseless operation
  • Automatically detects water level
  • Easy to use
  • Need to clean magic filter

2. LG 6.5kg 5 Star Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (T65SKSF4Z):

LG 6.5kg 5 Star Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (T65SKSF4Z) Review

Here are the best washing machines under 15000 from LG having 5 star rating 6.5kgs capacity.

Key Features:

  • Fully automatic top loading washing machine
  • 6.5kg capacity with 5 star rating
  • Smart inverter technology
  • Smart inverter motor
  • Auto-restart
  • 780 RPM spin
  • Turbo drum
  • Child lock
  • Smart diagnosis
  • Memory backup
  • Standby power save
  • Fuzzy logic control

Product Details:

  • Dimensions: 64 x 54 x 118 cm
  • Weight:35.5kg
  • Warranty: 2 years on product, 10 years on motor
  • Colour: Middle free silver

Best For:

  • Best for elders (easy to operate)

The LG washing machine has 6 washing programs like gentle, quick, tub, normal, pre-wash + normal, and strong.

The LG washing machine has 3 different smart motions, which improves the washing performance.

The fuzzy logic detects grease and dirt to select the proper amount of soap and water. 

The turbo drum helps in removing dirt with the help of a water stream. It is made up of stainless steel. So, no bacteria, rust, and no germ.

The smart inverter motor controls the speed, which results in less energy consumption. Also, it reduces noise, vibration and increases durability. 

It comes with BMC protected motor. No need to worries about dust, insects, and humidity. This will prolong the life of the motor.

The SmartThinQ app allows competent diagnosis if any problem face.

The auto-restart feature allows the washing machine to restart automatically from where it stopped due to power failure.

We often plug in a washing machine and forget it, which increases the electricity bill. But this will not happen with washing machines. Thanks to standby mode.

You have to clean the tub after every month to eliminate the bad smell.

  • 5 star rating means more energy saving
  • Consumes less water
  • No noise
  • Great built quality
  • Decent washing modes
  • No smart closing door

3. Panasonic 7Kg 5 Star Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (NA-F70LF1HRB):

Panasonic 7Kg 5 Star Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (NA-F70LF1HRB) Review

Our third washing machine is from a well-known brand called Panasonic. See its features.

Key Features:

  • 7kgs capacity with 5 star rating
  • Fully automatic top loading washing machine
  • 8 wash programs
  • 680RPM spin
  • Fuzzy control technology
  • Aquabeat
  • Tub clean and tub dry
  • Power-off memory
  • Water magic flow
  • Magic filter
  • Stainless steel drum
  • LED display

Product Details:

  • Dimensions: 52 x 53 x 92 cm
  • Weight: 31kgs
  • Warranty: 2 years on product, 10 years on motor
  • Colour: Grey

Best For:

  • The Panasonic washing machine has a 7kg capacity with a 5 star rating.

The washing machine comes with customized wash programs. You can choose the program according to fabric type such as normal, bulky, delicate, tub clean, eco, jeans, and quick.

The Aquabeat feature washes clothes with 3 types of water flow. It removes dirt easily, keeping the fabric’s softness.

According to grease and dirt, the amount of water and soap, the spin direction is decided. Thanks to fuzzy technology.

The water magic flow gives the best performance without tangling clothes.

This washing machine has 5 star rating, which saves your electricity.

The stainless steel drum provides durability and does not accumulate stains and odour. Also, the life of stainless steel drums is more than plastic or any other drum.

Cleaning of the drum is effortless using tub clean. Tub cleaning removes a layer of detergent and dirt settled above the drum. While the tub dry will help you to remove the water droplets.

The magic filter traps dirt released from clothes while washing. You have to clean it after every 4-5 weeks.

You can control the washing machine using an LED display. You can choose programs or see washing and rinsing time.

The soft closing lid protects your fingers from getting any damage accidentally. 

The Panasonic washing machine comes with power-off memory. Even in power cuts, the washing machine will resume from where it stops.

Its one-touch wash feature saves your time. By calculating load washing machine decides the time of washing, type of program, and water level.

  • Consumes less energy
  • Less noise
  • Compact design
  • Great built quality
  • No inbuilt heater

4. Whirlpool 6.5kg 5 Star Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine:

Whirlpool 6.5kg fully automatic top loading washing machine

The Whirlpool washing machine comes with some advanced features. Here we will talk about them.

Key Features:

  • 6.5kgs capacity with 5 star rating
  • Fully automatic top loading washing machine
  • 12 wash programs
  • 6th sense smart technology
  • Zero pressure fill technology
  • Spiro wash technology
  • Hard water wash
  • Express wash
  • Magic lint filter
  • Aqua store

Product Details:

  • Dimensions: 54 x 54 x 84 cm
  • Weight: 27kg
  • Warranty: 2 years on product, 5 years on motor
  • Colour: GENX Grey

Best For:

  • The people who need more wash programs.
  • The Whirlpool washing machine is best for those who have kids.

The Whirlpool washing machine comes with 6th sense innovative technology. With the help of a smart sensor, it senses washing load, low voltage, and water condition. Also, it recommends the amount of detergent.

The Whirlpool top loading washing machine comes with 12 wash programs like daily, heavy, delicates, whites, hard wash water, eco cotton, woolens, bedsheets, rinse + dry, dry only, wash only aqua store.

The machine comes with 123 wash. 1 for switch on the washing machine, 2 for selecting a program, and 3 for the start wash cycle.

The express wash allows you to save time 30 to 40% faster.

The spiro wash action helps to improve washing quality with its unique circular motion.

Even in hard water, washing machines give better performance by sensing it.

The delay wash allows you to wash it later. Just put your clothes inside the washing machine and set a time for delay. It helps when you want to do other things first.

The aqua store allows the washing machine to store water in the tub for the next wash. It will really benefit you in unreliable tap water. 

It has 5 star rating, which ensures water and energy saving.

The magic lint filter collects lint from the water and automatically cleans it. 

  • 12 number of wash programs which is really remarkable
  • Best washing experience as compared to others
  • Silent while washing and drying
  • Value for money product
  • Easy to install and use
  • Inbuilt heater

    5. Godrej 7Kg 5 Star Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine:

    Our last but not most miniature washing machine is from the Godrej brand. Here are the key features and details.

    Key Features:

    • 7kgs capacity with 5 star rating
    • Fully automatic top load washing machine
    • 700 RPM speed
    • 9 wash programs
    • I-wash technology
    • Acu-Wash drum
    • Turbo 6 pulsator
    • Digital control panel
    • Tub clean feature

    Product Details:

    • Dimensions: 57 x 57 x 91 cm
    • Weight: 34.5kgs
    • Warranty: 2 years on product, 10 years on motor
    • Colour: Grey

    Best For:

    • Parents with kids
    • To wash stubborn stains

    The Godrej fully automatic top load washing machine has a 7kgs capacity. 

    It comes with 9 wash programs regular, delicate, quick, heavy, spin only, rinse, wash+ rinse, rinse + spin.

    The turbo 6 pulsator has 6 ridges which creates heavy turbulence of the water. It helps in the mixing of detergent in water and easy dirt removal.

    The washing machine has in-built soak technology. It allows soaking water of 6 to 8 minutes which increases the washing performance.

    The stainless steel drum is capable of high speed and loads as compared to other materials. Also, it is very hygienic and prevents bacterial growth.

    It has contours that perform like a scrubber. Ultimately you will get clean clothes.

    Do you have a very naughty child in your house?

    The Godrej washing machine comes with a child lock system. Just turn it on to lock all the buttons.

    Thanks to 5-star technology. Optimum use of electricity, maximum work done.

    The toughened glass is provided, which has good strength.

    • Easy to use
    • Electricity saving washing machine
    • 10 year warranty on motor which shows confidence of company
    • No heater


    We have discussed the best washing machine under 15000 in India. Now it’s your turn to choose the best according to our list and information.